kids on rock at ocean, Ebeye, Marshall Islands
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I didn’t have a clue that this place existed, but I have to say, I’m hardly surprised. So many lives are displaced through war, and not just the fighting itself. This is just another sad example. We have something similar in Australia where areas were evacuated of Aboriginal people for nuclear testing without the traditional owners, or the general public being given full knowledge of what was about to occur and what the consequences would be.

It’s amazing most people (including me) had no idea those places existed! How could this ever happen? Terrible…

Amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!! XOXO

amazing post! wanna go there

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You want to go to Ebeye?

Those landscapes are just breathtaking! Thank you for this post, as this island would have gone unnoticed by me otherwise.

Mersad Donko Photography

Which landscapes?

I meant the island from above. 🙂

Wow, truly never knew about this island. Very eye-opening about some of the places out there

I have never heard of Kwajalein or Ebeye, but I am certainly going to go off and learn more. Thank you for such an eye-opening post.
Claire xx

The Marshallese government is paid huge sums of rent every year for the lease on Kwaj and they pocket that cash and don’t care about their own people. The workers on Kwaj are happy to have the jobs they have. The USA has settled the test issue several times already and lawyers keep bringing up the subject. Not for the benefit of the locals but for the 33 and a 3rd percent they stand to make off new settlements. The RMI government needs to step up now. Stop blaming the USA. They have paid a ton of cash, actually an obscene amount of money to the leaders of that country and every time I was there I never say any evidence that it was not put into a private bank account.

Thanks for this comment. What you say is true. It’s unfortunate the money doesn’t really help the people. They would have been better off on their original islands. And really, no amount of money can make up for birth defects and chronic illnesses.

Did the movie “The Hills Have Eyes” expose this story one time.

My grandfathers was Mayor Johnny D. Lemari who had passed about 3 years ago. When I went there we had to stop at Kwajalein and I thought it was beautiful, but then I went on a boat ride to Ebeye for his funeral and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The whole island is poverty struck! The houses are made of what looks like tin, the ocean water was rising and some graves were literally buried by water. All the children looked at me and my siblings as though they’ve never seen foreigners. We had much nicer clothing and were well feed. It’s just sad to think about it really, the US put the citizens of the Marshall Islands at risk and then chose to move in on one of their islands. They are now settled in and see poverty right in their back yard. What do they do? NOTHING, they don’t care but us rimajols we do🇲🇭

HOT?? its less than a 1/2 mile across in places. the breeze off the ocean keeps you pretty comfy all year round.And you the author???, you talked extensively with friends??? that’s your source? I lived there! I have adopted sisters and a cousin from that island, so I know a little about the people and island myself. AND to the commenter that talked about sea rise, did you happen to see information that little buster and big buster have grown in size??do you even know what islands those are? Yes there is poverty but there is a lot more to the story than bla bla bla Americans did it because of bikini atoll. Oh and another thing, I also just got back from living on Guam(my choice not military) and just like Out on Kwag, and many other islands I have lived on, the people cranking the Ac down to like 62 is the islanders, they thought I was nuts because I liked the windows open! and if your going to “write”?? informative travel article, try actually going there!

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