Apple iphone 6 plus with passport
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Great post! I haven’t tried the 6 plus, it just seems way too big!

A lot of people are saying that. I guess that’s why Apple developed the 6 and the 6 Plus.

I am waiting for my iPhone 6 to come in the mail! I probably should’ve gotten the plus but it’s too big to fit into a lot of my purses. My 5 does seem small though…wish they could make something more in between the two! Anyway, I’m looking forward to these new features 🙂 especially the fingerprint technology…and battery life…and camera…okay all of it! 🙂

I got the big one because I design websites and now I can actually edit as needed without my iPad!

I left the world of iPhones behind and jumped ship to the Note 4 and I LOVE it! Bigger screen, better photos and more battery life are much improved on my iPhone 5. Glad to hear you’re loving the new bigger phone too!

It took Apple long enough to catch up with Samsung, didn’t it!

My iPhone 4 is definitely slowing down on me after 3 years and many, many times being
dropped. I’ve been considering upgrading but feared the hugeness of the 6 Plus
would be an inconvenience. You’ve pointed out a few features that definitely will
make me give it another look. Thanks for the overview!

Yeah, the iPhone 4 is definitely slower than the 6. I’ve been waiting for Apple to develop a Galaxy-sized screen which is why I bought the 6 Plus instead of the 6.

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I’m really interested in travelling, so I’ll follow you back! 😉
Hope to read your next post soon!
Giulia 🙂

I’ve got the 5C at the moment after swapping over to the apple train and (finally) leaving android behind. The 6 plus does look like a game changer though, the bigger screen and battery life would hopefully sway even the most anti-apple consumer out there. Thanks for the thorough overview!

Strangely I’ve been using the iPhone 6 Plus more and more often over the past few weeks and am starting to prefer it.

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