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Oh dear, Cairns got everything I wanna have and do in one place! No wonder my friends never stop raving about it! Did you go diving at the Great Barrier reef?? It’s on my list of 1000+ things to do before I die. Haha!

Hi Sarah. I went snorkeling and took a glass bottom boat, but no diving as I don’t have my certification.

I am originally from Australia and I have never had the chance to visit Cain. It is weird what we don’t do right on own front doorstep. Your post definitely makes me miss Australia loads and it makes me appreciate it even more. I love seafood and that octopus from Dundee’s, looks so yummy. I loved your pictures and your tips.

I have so much more of Australia to explore, but Cairns was a good introduction.

What a wonderful place to visit! I love all the colorful doodads to buy. We always bring an extra bag to fill along the way. 🙂

Yes, shopping in Cairns is a must!

Lovely post and Cairns comes across as a place that has something for everyone. The seared octopus look delicious by the way. Love how you can enjoy the old world charm along with it being a perfect beach-y destination with typical beach side arty shopping and of course an abundance of nature all around.

Thanks for reading and for your comment, Raghav!

such a great post Jessica. I think great barrier reef is in every traveller’s wishlist. it’s in my wish list too. and i read a story recently on global warming, which said: if global warming keeps happening at a rate it is happening right now, the coral reef in australia ( and in many other parts of the world ) with turn black and simply die. That would be so sad!

Yes, I heard that too! It’s heart-breaking.

Interesting article on Cairns. Batreach sounds like much fun tho these bats looks massive in the picture haha! I love Koala, never had the chance to be that close to one not to dream of cuddling, I guess it would be the first thing to do. For sea foods I think I can count on the Australian cuisine.

Oh man, Batreach is amazing. I hope you get to visit one day.

Oh wow I wish I had read this guide when I was in Cairns many years ago. I went to see the Great Barrier Reef, which was amazing. I hope to go back again one day, using this post as a guide 🙂

I’m so glad you got to see the Great Barrier Reef! Thanks for reading, Allison.

I want to be there right now! A lagoon in the city and a funky night market sound like a perfect way to spend the weekend. I’m also pescetarian so I wouldn’t have any problems stuffing my face with seafood. 🙂

Amazing seafood, really.

What a great list of recommendations. I would love to feed the rescue bat and then see them flying around in their normal environment at the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon. Thanks for your advice.

You’re welcome, Kathy!

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