great barrier reef, cairns australia
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I loved this post. We visited the GBR a few years ago, and enjoyed seeing 3 different reefs on our boat cruise. I felt horrible for the people who were sea sick the whole way there, and am thankful that we were able to enjoy the excursion.

Hi Leah. Yes, sea sickness is real. I know that now! Should have taken the dramamine.

Ahh poor baby! You cannot dive because of sea sickness during the boat travel or there is also something else making you feel bad? I would love to try it but something makes me nervous about it.
Your photos are fantastic and I’m glad you enjoyed this wonderful place.

A wonderful giveaway. By the way, as usual, loved your snaps. Particularly the bird protecting it’s egg..that is so beautiful. Sea sickness is bad, just like any other motion sickness. I wish you overcome it with time. I used to get sick on road trips as a child, but somewhere I outgrew that.

“Turns out I’m not cut out for diving or bulimia.” — oh my goodness, you had me cracking up so hard! I love your sense of humour.
Personally, I don’t know what attracts me more to visit the GBR, the cute little birdies, the snorkeling opportunities….or Simon. I mean really, HUBBA HUBBA! Bummed that I missed out on the giveaway. I suppose there’s always next time!

I would live to dive in the Great Barrier reef but like you, the sea is not my friend and I am not dive certified. But Michealmas Cay sounds like a lovely place to view birds. Thanks for the info. 🙂

The great barrier reef is a natural wonder of the world so is on my bucket list. It’s great you had the opportunity to photograph the birds whilst out at sea, you took some very clear pictures. It’s a shame you were sea sick, let’s hope next time you go out on a boat you don’t get sick.

I love how bright and vibrant all of your photographs are! I’ve always wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef, but this is the first I’ve heard about Michaelmas Cay and the migratory birds! Now I absolutely must see it! I’d also love to snorkel with the jellyfish and try out diving (hopefully sans vomit lolol — so sorry you got sick!)

Wow! Congrats to Amanda Q, what an awesome thing she won! This is a whole different side to the great barrier reef. I was just down there, but I mostly did diving and hiking in the Daintree, but you’re lovely photos brought to light a whole different side. The birds are so cute! Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity and photos!

Wow, that is so awesome you got to go there. It has always been a small dream of mine to visit the Great Barrier Reef, so this post is definitely making me even more motivated to plan a trip there soon! That also must have been cool to be right up close next to all of the birds. 🙂

I have been to The Great Barrier Reef many times but I have never made it to Michaelmas Cay. In fact I had never even heard of it until just now (slightly embarrassed as I’m an Aussie lol). I will be heading back to Cairns in July to escape a bit of the harsh Sydney winter and this will be at the very top of my list!

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