7 things to eat, see & do in Reykjavik, Iceland
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Nice post. You must visit India at least for the food 😛

Would love to visit India!

These are some pretty good ones. I love walking around the harbor area, especially on a sunny day!

Yes, beautiful. I loved staying near the Marina for great views from my balcony!

Iceland is high on my list of places to visit. The Icelandair hotel sounds perfect- I love quirky and colorful. That church looks like the Space Shuttle! Wow! I wouldn’t have thought of Reykjavik as an especially foodie kind of place, but sounds like I was wrong. Can’t wait to visit, eventually.

I love quirky hotels! Icelandair Hotel would totally be my first pick too. How much are the helicopter tours?

Lovely list. Iceland has become one of the biggest destinations in the world and you seem to have captured it beautifully highlighting some of the must sees. Glad to see food gets a mention as many people miss out on this necessity when they write about travel. The Helicopter tour though…wow! I’m sure with the kind of topography Iceland has, this must be amazing.

A great post about a city I am longing to visit! Reyjavik looks spectacular and the food exquisite. Iceland has so much to offer travellers and I hope to get there at some stage. The coffee looks perfect.

I haven’t been to Iceland but your description in the first paragraph perfectly fits my style of places I love to visit! Reykjavik seems to be bursting with creativity which is something that I really enjoy discovering when I travel.

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