Essential Iceland: 9 Things to Do in 9 Days
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This makes me soooo incredibly excited to visit Iceland next March!! Your pictures are gorgeous!

Cool. Thanks. You are going to love it!

I’ve never been to Iceland but it’s one place I HAVE to get to. I’ve never seen a bad pic of the country and beauty seems to be everywhere. I’ll get there one day. Beautiful pics!

Thank you. That’s how I felt — so many beautiful pictures, which don’t do Iceland justice really. It’s THAT stunning.

thank you for having just added me!! mostly because I then stumbled on this page and funny enough I’m waiting at the airport on my way to Iceland. And I’m overexcited!! and your pics are great, not helping the excitement!!

I went to Iceland in 2016 and only managed Thingvellir and Blue Lagoon. We snorkeled through the two tectonic plates in Thingvellir and it was amazing. Need to go back and find the other places you mentioned

Wow, what an experience! Were you freezing?

I am a sucker for waterfalls and these ones take the cake. Too bad it’s Iceland and you can’t swim in them. I would happily pay the $50 to go in the blue lagoon though!

The waterfalls are just mesmerizing.

Iceland is THE dream! Grundarfjordur looks amazing… we would love to rent a car and go around perhaps! Blue lagoon look fabulous too! An iconic thing to go to in Iceland!

Thanks for reading!

If you are looking for a movie on Netflix you could check out A view to a Kill (Roger Moore) and Die Another Day (Pierce Brosnan). Both these Bond movies feature scenes at Jokulsarlon. You pictured Harpa wonderfully, the picture I took of it at night, the building was purple and blue – completely different! I regret not visiting the columns on the beach at Vik, you took an excellent image of these too.

I heard they staged an explosion there! Kind of sad for the seals and birds that inhabit Jokulsarlon.

You have made a really good list. I have read your Iceland articles before. You have captured awesome photos. I did watch the trailer of Walter Mitty. It featured the beauty of Iceland pretty well. I have put this picturesque country on my bucket list.

Thanks, Marissa

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about Iceland. It seems like the new “hot spot” (pun intended) and I can certainly see why. With natural beauty like Blue Lagoon and the falls it is magnificent. I love the smile on the horse. Seems like he was posing for you.

Doesn’t it? Thanks for reading, Kevan.

These are the reasons why Iceland is on my top 3 list to visit! I love capturing magnificent landscapes and this country has a lot to offer. I never thought that they also have columns like in the Ireland! This is perfect. I your photos too! The horse photo made me chuckle because of the goofy one. Thanks for sharing!

Glad to make you laugh. Thanks for reading!

Wow, I really enjoyed this post! Those pictures are amazing and makes it so enticing to book a trip! You write with such passion the helps to make the posts you write a great selling point.


Oh your photos are amazing. Iceland has been high on my list forever and these photos just make me want to go even more. I’m still giggle at the photo of the icelandic ponies. So cute!

I froze my everything off photographing those ponies. So adorable.

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