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I regret not traveling solo earlier! It was something I was terrified to do at first, and I put off traveling for so long because of it. Now, it’s my preferred travel style. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Allison. It’s hard to identify our fears sometimes, but once we do, we realize we can overcome them! So cool that you grew to like solo travel.

Great article. I just found your blog and I’m absolutely loving it. I am about to embark on my first solo travel adventures, so your stories and tips are truly inspirational. Keep blogging forever!

Thanks for reading, Susanna!

So true, I have heard most of them from one or the other. I feel those people have not got the taste of travel yet..let them get it once and then they will be unstoppable

Hi Neha. Thank you for your comment!

This was a well thought out post and it looks like you have several other resources to share with people related to this subject. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Tracie. I appreciate it!

Good excuse-busters. Passion is the key. If you want to travel, you have to stoke your own fire and not let anything stop you.

Yes, nicely put!

Yeah, you’re totally right. There should be no reason that can stop us from traveling. If we’re always scared and never get out of the comfort zone, we will never see how beautiful and amazing this world is.

Yes, travel can be a life changer for the good.

Your fourth point in solo travel is spot on. You never know who you’ll meet when you travel by yourself. It’s nice to share your experiences with someone, but fear of solo travel shouldn’t stop you! Some great points in this article.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

You provide sensible arguments, Jessica, and I do agree with them. Travel is still a luxury in this day and age though, so sometimes they aren’t excuses but real obstacles.

Yes, definitely, but most people who read travel blogs are interested in overcoming obstacles.

I know of a lot of people who mention the first one – budget and then, a lot of them give their kids an excuse. I think it is just that they need to shake it off once an they will know how much it is worth it. 🙂

Love this post. I agree that all those excuses that people make can easily be countered. There’s no good excuse to NOT travel. 🙂

I totally agree. There should be no excuse that should stop you from travelling. If someone really wants to travel , excuses won’t work.

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