Behind the scenes of my Guam film with Brandon Li
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I’ve never really given much thought to Guam. Sounds like a thought provoking documentary, and your photos are amazing!

Thanks, Allison. It’s a beautiful island.

Jessica, are you still on the island? Hurao Academy is starting back up and they’re aiming to help families achieve full Chamoru language immersion through their program. You might get some good shots or footage for your documentary!

Hi Raenate. Yes, I’m on Guam. I live here. 🙂 Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll get in touch with Hurao.

Great! Saina AnnMarie Arceo can be reached at

Thanks for the connection!

I would just like to clarify that all the pictures of the “natives’ in loin cloths are paid actors at local amusement park. You can find out more information about the park here

Congrats Jessica, this looks fascinating! When does it come out?

I haven’t made it to Guam yet, but it’s on my list. If you’re interested in a guest post (that also promotes your film) I’m open to it.

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