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I’ve recently started doing this and now I’m about to book my first vacation to Hawaii with points! Its hard to figure out at first but once you’ve got the hang of the system its pretty easy!

Cool. Congrats on scoring that trip!

Hawaii looks amazing!!

I have started doing it now and I hope to slowly get the mastery in near future. Your tips are going to be really very helpful

I’m glad to hear it!

I haven’t actually tried any of these miles tricks yet but I’ve been hearing so much about them. I’ll have to take a closer look and see if I can’t earn myself a free flight! Thanks for the tips!

You’re welcome, Lynne.

This is really helpful! I wish they had more programs like this for New Zealanders. It seems like most of them are in the US. But we travel so much I think everyone would use them haha.

Yes, I am pretty loyal to a main airline and hotel, then book within those brands as much as possible. I definitely take advantage of the credit cards for additional points, and pay balances off every month so it is net beneficial. I am not a budget traveler, but the same strategies apply for Business and First class travel. The other benefit is the member’s only lounge access at the airports (Centurion lounge for American Express plus airline lounge access).

Wonderful tips. I never paid attention to my miles earlier, but now, I am going to keep a track and make the most of these miles as I travel more and more

Unfortunately in Canada, credit cards don’t offer that many (air) miles but I can see how useful it can be. I admit I’m too lazy to start managing a bunch of credit cards but good for you for saving so much money on travel!

Awesome tips, wondering how many credit cards you have in total. 🙂 I am on it as well, and as my cards needs replacement like every quarter of a year it might be a great idea to change accounts for these benefits. Thanks!

Thank you so much for this insightful information 🙂 Yay to budget traveling, I need to check these options in Spain!

I never check my earned miles and actually I don’t care about them :(, Thanks for these tips, an eye-opener to maximize whatever we have. Plus the credit card, its a tool to generate more points…

Hmmm..I wonder why I never thought of seat upgrades. Now that is a useful tip. Maybe the next time I should just do that instead of waiting for more till the ones that I have expire.

Being budget traveler, i always surf on internet to find new ways to save and find deals – I found your blog post” 5 Ways to Earn Miles You Probably Haven’t Thought Of” helpful.

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