Saona Island, Dominican Republic
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Pineapples on the beach. Feeding a donkey a pineapple. Quick where do I sign up to get here! I’ve not been to the Dominican Republic but it’s certainly on the list now.

I love animals so it was pretty fun petting the wild burros.

Looks like the perfect island escape! I’m also not a huge fan of areas completely overrun with tourists, even if they’re absolutely beautiful. This seems much more my speed 🙂

Thanks for your comment, Addie!

I’ve been to the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) and I also took a catamaran but we didn’t go to Saona Island. The Caribbean beaches are hard to beat and looking at your photos makes me want to escape Winter asap!

Cool. Where’d you go?

How sweet, they began braiding your hair, I love that 🙂 I totally agree with you, what is the point of travelling if you don’t experience the culture! I love the pictures, It looks like the perfect place to soak up island style vibes, my favorite kind of vibes 🙂

The kids were immediately ready for their close-ups. Loved meeting them.

I have not been to the Dominican Republic but I am hoping to visit someday. You look so relaxed! The pics of the smiling kids look lovely. Everything is so laid-back and simple. I’d want to make fresh pineapple juice right now. = )

Yes, very laid back and relaxing island to visit.

I have a lot of friends from Dominican Republic here in Spain telling me so much about the country and of course Saona Island, but not having to see photos yet so, I just really wanna thank you for providing this great post filled with beautiful photos and lovely people. I’m in!!!

My pleasure. Thanks for reading.

I’ve been to the Dominican Republic and it was not nearly as beautiful as the place you visited. I must’ve gone to the wrong place! Your photos are stunning and now I am reconsidering a trip back to discover the more beautiful side!

Where did you go?

Never been here . The place looks so calm, serene and beautiful. Got to agree with you, the cute and colorful huts lining the coast immediately held my attention

Yes, aren’t they lovely?

300 people! I love the sound of Saona Island, it must be such a charming little place 🙂 Like you, I’m not a massive fan of overly touristy spots, so this would be perfect. And your photos are gorgeous as always, I really need to add the Dominican Republic to my list of places I need to visit now!

Thank you, Vicky!

I really want to visit the Dominican Republic. I like that you want to get to know the local culture instead of just sitting at a resort. The water looks so gorgeous! Nice photos.

More culture posts to come!

Gorgeous place and you captured such beautiful photos. I have never been, but I agree that I would rather go somewhere with less tourists! I’d love to visit here someday.

Thanks, Alexa.

Maybe I’m a little bias being Dominican myself but man I love my little island! Glad you had a blast.

Wow, thanks Ellie.

The Dominican Republic is pure paradise! I’ve only been to punta Cana but would love to visit a more intimate location like this!

Hi Shane. Thanks for reading!

What excursion company did you go through!? I love your pictures and was wondering what type of camera you have!

Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing. One question: did you stay in the island overnight? Thanks,

No, just a day trip and thanks!

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