30 Autumn Mornings on a Savannah Farm

Jessica Peterson

Savannah, Georgia farm and lake aerial drone sunrise

I’m a huge fan of slow travel now. I used to zip through major cities — even entire countries — in a week, furiously spraying and praying with my camera.

I’m not doing that anymore. Now that I’m traveling the USA in my Airstream, I have had time to stop and smell the roses. In fact, I stayed in Savannah, Georgia for an entire month and I wasn’t ready to leave.

My time in Savannah was just what I needed to shoot more thoughtfully. Sometimes running and gunning is necessary, but when it’s not, my photography is much better composed.

I stayed on a farm in Savannah that was so picturesque I found myself leaping out of bed at the crack of dawn. The chilly autumn mornings woke me up in the best possible way. I stepped out of my Airstream and 20 feet away were horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, peacocks, and a ton of wild ducks and cranes gliding through the lake. It was heavenly.

Savannah is my favorite southern city and a place I could see myself slow traveling through again (read my beginner’s guide). The light is incredibly dreamy, but the Spanish moss makes it that much more romantic. I shot my first supermoon in Savannah and learned that moonset/sunrise on a misty morning over a lake is pretty incredible.

All of that, not only to encourage slow travel, but to explain why this post is much, much longer than usual. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

Savannah, Georgia ruins and Spanish mossAirstream on Savannah, Georgia FarmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farm and lakeSavannah, Georgia sunrise over farm lakeSavannah, Georgia farm Airstream on Savannah, Georgia FarmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farm and lakeSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia light through trees on a farm at nightSavannah, Georgia supermoonSavannah, Georgia farmSavannah, Georgia farm

Here are a few pics from Tybee Island:

Savannah, Georgia Tybee Island sunsetSavannah, Georgia Tybee Island sunset

Which Savannah photo is your favorite?

Jessica Peterson
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Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson is a travel filmmaker, photographer, and journalist. She released her first documentary film about indigenous culture on Guam in 2016, after having lived nearly 7 years on the Pacific island. Jessica is currently on the Great American Roadtrip in her Airstream trailer.
Jessica Peterson
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  • Judy Cheong

    What an incredible post! Your images are absolutely stunning and I totally agree…slow travel is the best way to travel, even if I don’t have that luxury of time myself! I do miss being able to travel slowly as I definitely think I was able to take my best shots then. Everything else has really been, as you say, spraying and praying. lol.

    • Thanks so much, Judy. Yes, slow travel can be more expensive, which is why I built a business and a lifestyle that allows for it.

  • Kayse

    Soooooo many gorgeous images!! I can’t choose a favorite.

  • Nicole Anderson

    You are such a wonderful photographer. Each of your images are just stunning and convey so much beauty and wonder. I truly love your talent and I get what you say about slowing down and savouring/capturing moments better. This is just remarkable.

  • These are all so amazing Jessica! Your photos are brilliantly done!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  • These pictures are amazing! Everything looks so peaceful and perfect. I would love to go here!!

  • I often fly through cities taking lots of photos in a short space of time too. I think slowing down, finding the correct time of day to take a shot and plan better must be very rewarding. The shots you have shared are very unique and inspiring to slow down!

    • Yes, to the correct time of day! Makes all the difference in the world. There’s nothing like sunrise in some places.

  • Maggie Alexander

    Your photos are stunning! Savannah is a place I’ve always wanted to go but haven’t made it to yet. Your photos make me want to go there!

  • Jessica! These photos are SO BEAUTIFUL! my favorite shots are the ones with the crane. Ever since watching Forrest Gump I’ve always wanted to visit Savannah. These is something so hauntingly beautiful about all the mist and the spanish moss on the trees.

    • I loved watching the cranes. They’re such solitary birds. The scene felt like an oil painting to me.

  • Wife Sense

    Your photos are gorgeous! My husband and I visited Savannah for the first time last Spring and I couldn’t believe what we’d missed out on. No surprise to me that Savannah is your favorite Southern city. I’m going to go look at your post on that. But this farm is lovely too. You were blessed to see and capture it.

    • Isn’t it divine? What’s your fave thing in Savannah?

      • Wife Sense

        House tours! Love to see the restorations of the downtown mansions.

  • Abhinav Singh

    I am a big fan of your creative pictures and videos. You
    have made this place desirable for me through this blog. I particularly loved
    the shot of the white bird with a purple haze. Good job. And oh, that calf is
    oh so cute.

    • Thanks! I think you mean the little goat. He was mischievous and kept escaping from the pen!

  • travellittleknownplaces

    Love the photos of the fence in the fog/sunlight and the horses too! We’ve travelled all over the world, but very little in US. Savannah is now on our list. Thanks!

  • Ivy

    These are GORGEOUS pictures. I’ve always amazed by your photography. I remember reading about your Savannah post last month- would love to visit one day to see this beauty for myself.

  • Veronika

    Misty mornings are the best! I wish I could get transported there right now!

  • Wow your photos are absolutely amazing! I wish I was there!

  • Deni Verklan

    These photos are absolutely stunning! I especially love the ones with the turtles, the goats and the fog settling over the morning sunrise. I haven’t been to Savannah, Georgia yet, but it looks absolutely heavenly!

  • Sonia Sahni

    A place like this is where I want to be when I retire! I loved the goat … and I want to call him Billy. And the horse … so graceful! Lovely being close to nature!

  • Mel

    We are big fans of slow travel and are doing the same thing! We also feel like a month isn’t quite enough time, but it seems you captured a lot of Georgia in that one month. I love the cute goats! And your sunrise shots are gorgeous.

  • Your photos are really beautiful and they do capture the magic of the morning light in them. I am a fan of slow travel too and I prefer exploring the countryside rather than a big city. I just wish I had enough time during my holidays to spend in a particular location. I did that during my trip to Chile and I don’t regret it.

  • What a great photo blog! Those photos are so amazing and stunning! Can I ask which size are your pictures and do you have any tips or post in designing them?

  • Julianne

    Savannah is one of my favorite cities — amazing food, scenery, and vibe. We visited four years ago, and I’ve been itching to return. I love your photos of the goats — so cute — especially the black and white one. Also like the picture of the dock; it looks so peaceful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gareth Thompson

    Just as always, some truly superb photos here. Your have an amazing capacity to capture the play of light which really is the essence of autumnal photography. Particularly like the one of the close-up of the feathers, unbelievably beautiful

  • Anita Nicole

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful and I love how you seem to bring out the characteristics of the animals. I’ve never been to Savannah but hopefully one day soon.

  • Adele Kruger

    OMG, beautiful photos! Love your blog!
    Adele – http://www.goeatexplore.com

  • Rashmi & Chalukya

    Your pictures prove that Savannah, Georgia is absolutely a stunning place to slow down and relax. All of those pictures are awe-inspiring- the goats, horses, tortoise and off course the beautiful mornings.

  • Your photos are amazing, seriously stunning! I would love to road trip around the country like you’re doing…maybe one of these days!

  • I LOVE these shots! Your pictures have such a dreamy quality to them and I can’t get enough! I am also a HUGE fan of slow travel! The slower, the better in my opinion- give yourself plenty of time to truly immerse yourself somewhere! Especially in a place like Savannah!

  • Sarah Diller Cummins

    These are incredible! I have been photographing weddings at Red Gate for 3 years now and these photos bring the venue into a whole new light for me. Amazing work! (I photographed Megan’s wedding and I remember seeing you with your camera! I would love to see footage from that for sure!)